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Photo Of The Day ~ Return Of The Wild

manas national park himalaya

Manas National Park in Assam, India, was once booming with wildlife diversity. So much so, that it in the 1980’s, it was considered as one of the most important Eco-regions of the world, and was named by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. But then, came the disastrous 90’s, and Assam witnessed a decade of darkness – fueled by extreme terrorism and bad governance. Manas, with its dense forests, became the perfect hideout of the militants, and within a decade, many of the species had become extinct; traded for money in the illegal animal trade that persists around the world. But the last few years have been different. The improved conditions of Assam and a changed mindset of local communities, has given a new breathe of life, to this otherwise silent jungle. Many of the militants and poachers have now laid down arms, and have turned into forest guards. And having given a chance at life, the wild animals are back, enjoying the pleasures of freedom, roaming in a territory that is their wild home.



4 responses to “Photo Of The Day ~ Return Of The Wild”

  1. Thanks for the coverage. I’ve been wondering whether to visit. Different people have different opinions. On the Bhutan side of the border the reserve is still worth visiting, so I guess now with the conflict simmering down the forest will recover.

    • Yes, the Bhutan side is doing quite well. But the Indian side of it is also quite worth visiting, and the wildlife is returning quite well. Do let us know if you ever visit and thanks for visiting by.

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