Photo Of The Day ~ When We Are Young

Taken at the river island of Majuli in India, a troop of children, careless and free, joyously walk home after having spent probably a day of boredom at school. The island is a hotbed of Assamese Sattriya culture and also home to a few tribes. Numerous monasteries dot the landscape where one can see how a religion has been developed around simplicity and yet there is a magnificence.

Life in Rural Assam

A weeklong tour of Assam, a land of simple people, pleasant countryside, tea plantations, rivers and jungles. This tour allows travelers to indulge in the countryside lifestyle of the people – learning about the simple ways of life, sustainable practices and the graceful cultures. Traveling through Majuli and Namphake, you will learn about two different cultural practices of Assamese and Tais.


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