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Dance of Aka Tribe in Arunachal Pradesh

North-East India Folklore ~ An AkaTribe Tale On How The World Was Formed

The Aka Tribe, also known as the Hruso Tribe, live in the Kameng area of the state of Arunachal Pradesh. They are mainly animists, but have been influenced by both Buddhism and Hinduism. They are fascinating in their superstitious beliefs and magical practices. 

Here is a tale from their culture that describes how the world was formed –

At the beginning of time, there was no earth, nor any sky. All there was were two great eggs – but not ordinary eggs. They shone like gold and were soft to touch. They never stayed in one place, and kept going round and round. And then a moment came, when as they went round and round, they collided and both the eggs cracked open. From one came the Earth, from the other the sky, her loving husband. But the earth was too big for the Sky to hold her in his arms, to which he said – ‘Though you are my wife, you are greater than I and I cannot hold you. Please make yourself smaller’. To this, the Earth made herself malleable; the mountains and valleys were formed, and she became small. Happily, the Sky has ever since embraced Earth in his arms. And when the Sky made love to the Earth, grew life – trees, grass, all living creatures and everything else.

Dance of Aka Tribe


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