Photo Of The Day ~ Blue Mountain

During the coldest of the winters, Lohit Valley in Arunachal Pradesh, in the eastern most of the eastern Himalayas, becomes a quiet place; the sun rises earliest in all of India and night falls sooner than ever.
And far away from the summer monsoon, the skies clear up to magnificent blues.


2 responses to “Photo Of The Day ~ Blue Mountain”

  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photo images from Arunachal Pradesh. I had served in this region known as North East Frontier Agency(NEFA) from 1972 to 1973 visiting various places along Lohit River and other places. I am happy for I could render medical service to these beautiful people during my military service.

  2. Hi Sir, thank you for your encouraging comment. It makes us happy to know that you have served in northeast India, and I can only imagine the beauty which was present back then in the 70’s. I am sure you will have many stories to tell. Also, the information in your blog is pure wealth and your writing is very meaningful and insightful. I’ll surely be reading more of your blog.

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