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Singhpo Tribe

Folklore From North-East India – A Singpho Tribe Tale On How The World Was Created

The Singpho Tribe reside in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in India, and in China and Myanmar where they are known as Jingpo and Kachin respectively. They are known for their fierce independence, disciplined martial art skills, and for their lifestyle where nature parts a important role.

Here is a local Singpho lore originating from the Tirap District of Arunachal Pradesh, and explains their belief about the creation of the world.

At the begining there was no earth and nor any sky. All there was was cloud and mist. From it was born a woman called Khupning-Kuam. Since she came from the mist, she was very much like a cloud. In due time she gave birth to a boy and a girl who had the appearance of snow. The boy she named Tung-Kam-Waisun, and the girl she named Ningon-Shinun. When the two grew up, they married each other and soon gave birth to a girl called Inga (Earth) and a son called Mu (Sky). Inga resembled mud and Mu, a cloud. Eventually, these two also got married and gave birth to a boy called Imbung (Wind). And when he was born, Imbung blew so strongly that he raised his father the cloud into the sky, and dried up his mother, the mud. In this way, were formed the heaven and the earth.

Singpho girls in their traditional dance attire.


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