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An Apatani lady selling vegetables in the market area.

The Ziro Music Festival, Arunachal Pradesh – Woodstock Of India

Located in the remote state of Arunachal Pradesh in India, Ziro is a quaint eastern Himalayan town and home to the ever-fascinating Apatani Tribe. Situated in a valley, the town and it’s surroundings is a vast landscape of greenery, filled with pine forests and rice-paddy farms. The Apatanis who are the major tribe of the valley, follow the religion of Donyi-Polo which is the worship of the Sun and Moon. They live animistic lives of farmers and have many unique and interesting customs, such as the older women of the tribe who have tattoos in their faces and bodies,  and wear huge nose plugs. Sustainability plays a big role in the lifestyle of tribe, an example of which are the farms, where along with rice and paddy, the tribe even harvests fish.

And come the 14th of this month, Ziro will host it’s first ever music festival – 3 days of exceptional music, with performances by leading bands of India, who are all set to vibrate the valley with genres such as rock, jazz, blues, electronic and hip-hop. Along with the music, there will be many other things to do. Such as visiting the villages of the tribes and interacting with them, drinking the local alcohol of rice beer which will be flowing like water during the festival, going for hikes to nearby rain-forests, or indulging in a shopping spree in the flea market.

Says Anup, guitarist at Menwhopause and one of the key organizers of the festival –  “This festival is more about a confluence of cultures rather than imposing a strange one in a little town. It’s not just about outsiders knowing more about Ziro, it’s also about the locals understanding the outsiders better”

We at Greener Pastures are going to be there, and we hope to meet so many others. And if you’re planing to come, do feel free to contact us for arrangements.


Single Day Entry – $18.00 | INR 1000.00

Three Day Entry – $45.00 | INR 2500.00

* To buy tickets, click here

* For travel help, visit Greener Pastures at The Ziro Music Festival.

* For more details, visit the official website.

Rice-paddy cum fish farms of the Ziro Valley.
An Apatani lady selling vegetables.
Two Apatani elders working in the fields.
An Apatani lady walks the fields.

4 responses to “The Ziro Music Festival, Arunachal Pradesh – Woodstock Of India”

  1. music amidst such vast landscape was vibrating and i feel immensely lucky to go up there to Ziro and experience the vibe! It was a commendable work by the sponsors and will truly set a path for the people of Ziro in knowing us and vice-versa…

  2. No doubt music fests in India comes of age. You can see various superb fests & festivals, carnivals, shows every now n then and to say the least all are fantastic. recently another great music festival gonna happen in Gurgaon i.e. STRINGS OF THE WORLD on 16th-17th NOv 2012
    wallah i am so excited to go here. i hope it will be an awesome musical evening for me n rest others.

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