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Photo Of The Day – The Last Of The Winter Snow

Winter snow seen from the Siang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

As in elsewhere in the world, Arunachal Pradesh too is at a critical junction struggling to fight against climate change. It is March here now and we ‘re already experiencing warm days not felt before. As the world become warmer, continuing to follow an extravagant and unsustainable approach to utilizing the resources of this world, it is in places such as the Himalayas where the effects can be seen easily to any open eye. The glaciers are melting speedily. Even a decade back, the snow used to fall thick and last long, and the winters were like a reason to go into hibernation; be lazy and go for Sunday picnics to bask in the sun. Well, things have changed for sure. The climate, and with it, the way of lives of people. This is a photograph clicked recently of the beautiful high mountains of the eastern Himalayas, covered in the last of the winter snow. Soon, blooms of  spring will color the landscape.


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