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Photo Of The Day – Inside An Apatani House


One of our guides has just returned from a trip to the Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh and has thought of contributing this photograph. Taken inside the house of an Apatani Tribe; who are the main residents of Ziro, the picture shows two Apatani elders warming themselves in an open oven in a gloomy cloudy day. Some of these elders are the last of the tribe who still display the ancient Apatani way of wearing large nose plugs and tattoos. Though marvelous; a testimony of an incredible culture, in a few decades, this tradition will completely disappear.

Our Central Arunachal Pradesh Tour of Tribes is a great introduction to these faraway lands, where apart from the Apatanis, you’ll also meet many other fascinating tribes of the region.


2 responses to “Photo Of The Day – Inside An Apatani House”

  1. I was in Ziro too last week for the music festival. We visited the tribal houses and as much as it saddens me, it is inevitable that this is probably the last generation of the tribe as it is.

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