Is China Behind Rhino Poaching in India? An Inside Story.

Hundreds of rhinos get killed every year for their horns.


It is known worldwide that Assam, a beautiful northeastern state, is the ‘land of the one-horned Rhinoceros’ in India. But in the past few years, a rise in poaching activities has loomed as a serious threat to this vulnerable species, forcing the government to come up with some stringent measures to stem the tide. And as a result of these conservation measures, Rhino population has rebounded showing a remarkable growth of 27% in the state during the last seven years. According to a recent declaration in “White Paper on Wildlife Conservation in Assam” made by Rockybul Hussain, MoS of Environment and Forest, the rhino population is increasing by 4.6% per year. Not only that, the current rate has exceeded the required rate of 3.25%, which was already decided and calculated as per the “Indian Rhino Vision 2020” for having 3000 rhinos in the state. As per the ‘White Paper’…

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