Photo Of The Day – Whreated Hornbill

Rufous necked  Hornbill - Manas National Park, Assam

The Whreathed Hornbill is an exotic tropical bird found from Bhutan to Southeast Asia. However, due to urbanization and illegal tree felling, the Hornbills along with other species face a threat of large scale habitat loss due to urbanization and illegal tree felling for profit. The above photograph, taken in Nameri National Park, near the foothills of Bhutanese Himalayas, has been submitted by Mr. Ramachandra, who recently did a birding tour with us to two of the region’s best birding spots.


6 responses to “Photo Of The Day – Whreated Hornbill”

  1. Nice Click…and as for endangered species is concerned the government and we the people must try our best to preserve these lovely creatures..

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