Mokokchung Travel Guide

A Short Travel Guide to Mokokchung

Mokokchung in Nagaland is known as “an urban habitat to Ao Naga peoples”. It was awarded the cleanest city in Northeast India. 

There are many popular tourist spots in the city which includes the main district museum, the main park, the range park (located in Mokokchung village).

Sunset at Longkhum. Photo @ thungrhonaga

Ungma village, regarded as the oldest and the largest Ao village, is about 20 mins away from the town. The visitors might also be in interested in visiting villages like Longkhum, it is said that your soul stays behind on your first visit. You have to come back to retrieve your soul. Places like Mata Kimong is one the most popular place to visit while you’re in the village, It is a beautiful hilltop where once a fortress stood guard. There is also the AKM Student Jubilee Tower which is the highest point at Longkhum. You can catch glimpses of fertile farms and undulating ranch lands with a backdrop of the mountain ranges. There’s also Mongzu Ki – Eagle‘s Eyrie– situated at a high precipice where eagles have nested for centuries. 

According to Ao Mythology, eagles are the manifestations of the spirits of the dead.

Lanpangkong caves are situated between the valleys of Dikhu and Tzula Rivers. The towns of Tuli and Changtongya are near these caves. Located in the midst of natural beauty in the Langpangkong mountain range, these caves are believed to have given shelter to an Ahom King.

A procession at Mopongchuket. Photo @ aotemulung

The village of Mopungchuket is located in the central region of Mokokchung. Many travel writers and tourism publications in India have labeled Mopungchuket as “the best kept village in Nagaland.” The village is also famous for the legendary love story of Jina and Etiben, regarded as “Romeo and Juliet” to the Ao Nagas. Mopungchuket is where ethnic culture is manifest in so many forms including folklore, art, folk songs and dances. It is a quaint Naga village, a land where myth and history coexist, whose allure makes a visitor to linger on.

Mokokchung can be visited all year round. Summers in Mokokchung are pleasant and comfortable and might be a fantastic time to drop down to this beautiful place. The weather range is moderate and won’t create hassle during your trip. Also, the nights are pleasantly comfortable to take a stroll around this beautiful place if that is what is on your wish list. The winters in Mokokchung are pleasant and thus can be the best time of the year for you to visit the place. The temperature ranges from a moderate 15 to 25 degrees Celsius and the days are usually comfortable. The nights can be a bit chilly, but it will altogether be an amazing experience to visit Mokokchung this time of the year.


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