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  • The Headhunters of India | Short Film in collaboration with Ethereal

    The Headhunters of India | Short Film in collaboration with Ethereal

    Ayush Dinker, the guy behind the YouTube channel Ethereal describes his work as a combination of fact-finding, storytelling and trying to get at larger questions about human condition. His work involves films and video content, pertaining to reality, culture, society, history, nature, travel and science and presenting them before you the world in a whole […]

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  • A Documentary on the Brokpas: Semi Nomadic Yak Herders Of Arunachal Pradesh

    via Vimeo: Shot over a period of one year from support from the UNESCO-MacArthur Foundation, the above incredible film portrays the story of the Brokras, who are semi-nomadic yak herders living in the remote mountains of western Arunachal Pradesh. They are perhaps are one of the most fascinating tribes of the region who spend few months every […]

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  • The Men Who Hunted Heads – An Old Documentary

    The Men Who Hunted Heads – An Old Documentary

    We came across the above documentary in YouTube. Though it dates back to 1970, the documentary is still very interesting and provides an insight into the incredible lifestyle of the Naga headhunters. Back in the days, these tribes were very much savage and practiced headhunting as a part of their animistic culture. The video was filmed by […]

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  • Trekking in Namdapha National Park – India’s Secret Rainforest

    During January 2012, twelve of us embarked on a trek of discovery, to a secret and mighty rainforest located at the southeastern tip of northeastern India, called the Namdapha National Park. It was a beautiful trek where we got to encounter the densest of tropical forests and wild animals. We met fascinating remote tribes who […]

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