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  • A Quick Guide to Festivals in Manipur

    A Quick Guide to Festivals in Manipur

    Manipur is one of the pretty states of India which is located in the remote northeastern part of the country. The state is blessed with natural beauty and has unique culture, tradition and heritage. Though there’s not much inflow of tourism in the state, every year the land observes tourism festival,  known as “Sangai Festival” for […]

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  • Bihu Festival of Assam: A Season of Zest

    Bihu Festival of Assam: A Season of Zest

    We wish our readers and guests a Happy Rongali Bihu! Hoping that the noise and celebration we create in Assam has its good vibes felt all over the world, especially on a day when the world saw bombings in Boston, a major earthquake in Iran and a minor one at our home. Three times a […]

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  • Photo Of The Day – At The Hornbill Festival

    Nagaland is called the land of festivals. The tribal people there are always busy celebrating something or the other. The above photograph has been contributed by Pankaj Tibrewal. It shows one of warrior dances performed during the Hornbill Fesitival, the largest celebration of Naga culture and history, which occurs during the first week of December […]

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  • 5 Popular Festivals of North-East India

    5 Popular Festivals of North-East India

    North-East India is rich with tribes (more than 200 of them) and celebrations. It can be well worth your time during your next vacation to travel to this region and take part in some of the celebrations. Festivals are important economic engines for many of these areas, and some organizers have even taken to promoting […]

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  • Photo Of The Day – Awakening The Spirits

    A sadhu performs sacred tatric rituals in Ambubachi Mela (Tantric fertility festival), the world’s largest gathering for magical rituals, devoted to the Goddess Shakti, held in the state of Assam in North-East India. Here, as if in early medieval age, it is common to see practitioners playing with bones, or goats being sacrificed to appease Gods, or shops that sell bizarre items such as […]

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