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  • Photo Of The Day ~ Music Not Money

    This man was seen in the holy town of Hajo in the Indian state of Assam, playing music – not for just earning money, but for the sake of music.For music is relief from pain, music is  the symphony with which the world moves. Seen in the photograph are offered three coins, along with a flower which […]

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  • Hajo, a merging point of different faiths

    Hajo, a merging point of different faiths

    One of the many unnoticed places of Assam. Merging point of different faiths. History that dates back to 6-7th century AD. Described by scholars as ” a sacred complex “. Without shiny temples or loud propaganda. Welcome to Hajo. Some 32 km northwest of Guwahati lies the small town of Hajo. Historically Hajo first finds […]

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