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  • Photo Of The Day ~ Abstract Sky

    As usual, the evening sky in the tea-town of Dibrugarh in northeastern India turns into an abstract painting of sorts.

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  • Work Opportunities In India For Travelers

    Work Opportunities In India For Travelers

    I have had a few people ask me of ways to sustain themselves in India by doing some kind of work. There is good news, as the internet is filled with a few good classifieds that are about work in India. The country has seen massive growth in the recent few years, which has resulted in opportunities in all kinds […]

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  • Why Shillong Flips for WWII Jeeps – An article by Janice Pariat

    Why Shillong Flips for WWII Jeeps – An article by Janice Pariat

    We are glad to present you another article written by Janice Pariat. For those who do not know, Janice is a writer and her work has been published in many reputed magazines. And being a native of Northeast India, her love for the region can easily be seen in her writings. You can find more of […]

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  • Majuli of love

    Majuli of love

    Being a native of the Indian state of Assam, I have always heard tales about how vast and wide the Brahmaputra River is – like an ocean. But it was after I came to know of Majuli, did the tales became more concrete. Majuli is the world’s second largest river island, and only a river as […]

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  • The Kaziranga Grasslands

    The Kaziranga Grasslands

    One of the oldest forest of India & also one of the most loved parks of India, Kaziranga needs no introduction. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985, Kaziranga is solemnly responsible for bringing the One horned Rhino out of extinction. In just a span of hundred years, the conservation efforts of the […]

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