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  • The Indigenous Peoples of Northeast India

    The Indigenous Peoples of Northeast India

    A Look at the Tribal Communities of the Far East  We were all indigenous at some point in time and space. Modernity has taken the world over! We evolve and grow into one global culture! But what have we left behind? And who are they that still protect and conserve the true essence of living […]

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  • The Headhunters of India | Short Film in collaboration with Ethereal

    The Headhunters of India | Short Film in collaboration with Ethereal

    Ayush Dinker, the guy behind the YouTube channel Ethereal describes his work as a combination of fact-finding, storytelling and trying to get at larger questions about human condition. His work involves films and video content, pertaining to reality, culture, society, history, nature, travel and science and presenting them before you the world in a whole […]

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  • Photo of the Day – Land of the Headhunters

    Nagaland, a tiny land of sixteen tribes, has ever since had a fascination with headhunting. Even two decades back, the forests of this India’s hilly northeastern state stood witness to inter tribal rivalry. However, headhunting has never been viewed as a taboo and headhunters have always been admired and revered in their tribes. The more […]

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  • Photo Of The Day ~ Konyak Naga Elder

    An elder of the Konyak Tribe of Nagaland. They are among the more traditional tribes of Northeastern India. One of the last headhunters, they now practice agriculture and hunt seasonally, living in remote and verdant hills of Nagaland. The above photograph has been contributed by Alan Scott (Australia) who recently toured with us to document […]

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