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  • Reminiscence over a cup of Assam Tea

    Reminiscence over a cup of Assam Tea

    It’s a fine evening, dusk slowly moving in, turning the blue skies a hue of gold. It’s tea time. My soul sisters and I have gathered in the veranda around a dainty wooden table for plush conversation. The best of pastries in town and the finest of Assam tea. I pour the delightful hot beverage […]

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  • Photo of the day – Rural life in Majuli

    Majuli, an island right at the center of the mighty Brahmaputra River, is a land forgotten, or rather uninfluenced by the happenings around the world. Here, life is such as the flow of the river. The dry months run at a slow pace; spiritual. The wet months bring about plentiful rain, a swollen river, and the perils […]

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  • Photo of the Day: Man and River

    The Diphlu River cuts through Kaziranga National Park and appears as serene as the expansive grasslands. It is a life saver for both humans and animals, ensuring a division between the two. Seen here, a man rafts in tune to the river.

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  • Photo Of The Day ~ Music Not Money

    This man was seen in the holy town of Hajo in the Indian state of Assam, playing music – not for just earning money, but for the sake of music.For music is relief from pain, music is  the symphony with which the world moves. Seen in the photograph are offered three coins, along with a flower which […]

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  • Photo Of The Day ~ River Of Salvation

    The moving waters of the mighty Brahmaputra River provides salvation to the people of Assam; delivering them from the decades of violence and instability that has crippled much of the region. Near the river banks, there is freedom and wind. Sailing on its lapse, there is solitude. And in its water, there is food and […]

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  • Photo Of The Day ~ Monks And Toys

    We need not be so serious and stressed in life. In the end, we are all children of God. No matter how old we grow, or how long we live?In this picture, taken at Sikkim, India, a monk takes a break from his daily routine and hangs out with a few buddies, having a good […]

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