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  • The Mystic Mountain Japfü

    The Mystic Mountain Japfü

    This dates back to the 23rd of January, 2022 almost towards the end of the cold toe-biting winter. I, along with my brother and a few of our friends decided to go on an impromptu trek to the second highest peak in Nagaland – Mt. Japfu which lies at an elevation of 3048 meters above […]

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  • The Indigenous Peoples of Northeast India

    The Indigenous Peoples of Northeast India

    A Look at the Tribal Communities of the Far East  We were all indigenous at some point in time and space. Modernity has taken the world over! We evolve and grow into one global culture! But what have we left behind? And who are they that still protect and conserve the true essence of living […]

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  • A Lofty Valley at the Edge of the Himalayas

    A Lofty Valley at the Edge of the Himalayas

    The memory lingers to a few many years ago when I and two of my friends had embarked on a long road trip to explore the country’s eastern most edges – a lofty valley hidden deep in the Himalayas and amongst the remotest places on the planet. We started one crisp winter morning from the […]

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  • Reminiscence over a cup of Assam Tea

    Reminiscence over a cup of Assam Tea

    It’s a fine evening, dusk slowly moving in, turning the blue skies a hue of gold. It’s tea time. My soul sisters and I have gathered in the veranda around a dainty wooden table for plush conversation. The best of pastries in town and the finest of Assam tea. I pour the delightful hot beverage […]

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The region of Northeast India is host to a kaleidoscope of tribal cultures that live in harmony with nature

The Tribes


Adi, meaning “hill man” or “man of hill”, is a large tribe inhabiting the unspoiled valleys of the Brahmaputra River during its course in South Tibet.

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Angami Tribe

Historically, Angami religion was that of tsana (meaning ‘way of ancestors’), which was characterized by belief in spirits…

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Konyak Tribe

“The Konyak performs no rites or ceremonies till the sowing begins. He realizes that the cutting of the jungle and the proper clearing of the…

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Nocte Tribe

The Noctes are the easternmost inhabitants of India who inhabit the remotely forested and sensitive frontiers of Patkai Hills…

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