Work Opportunities In India For Travelers

I have had a few people ask me of ways to sustain themselves in India by doing some kind of work. There is good news, as the internet is filled with a few good classifieds that are about work in India. The country has seen massive growth in the recent few years, which has resulted in opportunities in all kinds of fields. For the wandering-working traveler, jobs in the fields of photography, travel & tourism,  non-profit and volunteering are the best ways to come to India and explore its vibrant landscapes and cultures, and at the same time earn a reputable sum of money.

The best part of working in India is that it will give you a lot of time in the country, which is much needed if  you want to experience the infinite diversities of all things that is found in India. Two interesting job openings that I’ve recently stumbled across in one of India’s popular classifieds (linked above) are –

1. Volunteering for street children of India –  This opportunity provides you with a chance to help a part of India which has since long been neglected by both the government and civilians – the children who live a life in the streets of India. These little innocent children are orphans who are living a life of poverty and a life without any future. You will get a chance to provide your assistance in the running of an orphan center and school. Opportunities exist to teach English, provide care for children, and help keep medical records and provide basic healthcare.

2. Research Assistant for scientific study of endangered tribe – Though this job is based in Nepal, it is nevertheless very interesting. An opportunity to provide your assistance in the research of an endangered tribe that live in the breathtaking mountains of Nepal.  You should apply for this job only if you are committed to sustainable development through scientific research.

3. Sales Executive and Field Guide at Greener Pastures – Yes, you read right! We at Greener Pastures are hiring, giving you a chance to live in the wilderness of Northeast India. To know more about the job details, kindly send a mail to

Hope the article helps and encourages people to head towards India in search for greener pastures.


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