Photo Of The Day – Camping in Namdapha Tiger Reserve

Camping in Namdapha National Park

For few days, we were inside a rainforest. Surrounded by a continuous layer of greenery.  The tall trees, standing next to each other, so many of them, would seldom allow sunlight to touch the ground. It was on the fourth day that our trek brought us outside the enclosure, into a landscape that stretched magnificently till far away. For the first time, our eyes could see beyond a meter and the wind could be felt on our faces. It was sheer joy. We ran around without the fear of getting lost – the open space felt welcoming. We were in Firmbase Campsite in Namdapha National Park, but we were flying high!

The Namdapha Rainforest Trek is our itinerary which deals with rainforest trekking in India’s largest national park. It is the only genuine long duration rainforest adventure available in all of India. Definitely a once-in-a-life experience!


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