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Instagram videos that will make you want to travel Northeast India

Instagram Reels That Will Make You Want To Travel Northeast India

Let these Instagram reels inspire you to pack your bags and make that trip to Northeast India that you have long been contemplating. Even better, you can give our experts at Greener Pastures a shout out and we will plan you the perfect travel experience!


The land of red river and blue hills. Home to some of the best national parks in the world. Where the countryside is poetic and large tea estates grow some of the best teas.


The land of the rising sun. The most beautiful part of the Himalayas. Home to countless indigenous cultures that live alongside nature.


The jeweled land where colorful cultures come together. Known for sports and the largest freshwater lake in the region with floating islands.


The abode of clouds. A society of matrilineal people who have huge respect for nature and music. A land of countless waterfalls and caves.


The land of the highlanders where every morning the clouds engulf the horizon. The least touristic place in the country charms with its locals, refreshing nature and colorful people.


The land of the festivals and sixteen colorful tribes. A love for food, farming and music. Fresh and wild. Charming folks!


The smallest of the seven sisters. Beckons travelers with scenery, ancient places, knowledge houses, monuments, museums, rolling hills, splendid gardens, temples, and wilderness.

Explore our travel experiences in Northeast India

Since 2011, we have assisted travelers and seekers from all over the world to visit the region and provide them with beautiful, cherished expereinces. With a core belief in sharing and spreading love, we thrive to bring sustainable positivity to running a travel business.


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