Vaivhav Todi can be best described as an Aquarius. Creative and intelligent, he is always in search of something extraordinary and beautiful. An amateur photographer and writer, his creations depend on the conditions of weather. Eating meat, sleeping, dreaming, reading, flying kites, music and traveling are the things that provide him a reason to wake up from bed.

Neil Barooah is best described as a free soul. The rules of the world don’t much apply to him, as he seeks out in his quest for answers. Crazy and fun, someday he plans to pack his bags and escape to Japan or Thailand, or maybe end up as a monk. He likes uncertainty and contemplating on the workings of the human psyche.

Janice Pariat, other than being a wonderful person, is also a freelance writer based in Shillong, Delhi or Kolkata, depending on the weather. Currently, she is studying History of Art at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. She edits and runs Pyrta, an online literary journal. Her collection of short stories “Boats on land” was recently published by Random House in October 2012. You can buy the book here.

Nandita CostaNandita Costa, an avid tree hugger and wildlife enthusiast, has an immense love for history and culture. She joined Greener Pastures in 2018 with the aim of discovering the fabled land of Northeast India while hoping to interact with locals to learn and document their stories and spot a few of those rare Hoolock Gibbons!


10 responses to “Authors”

  1. I knew I had seen this site prior of running into Neil on Majuli. He is amazingly knowledgeable and any information from him, is valuable information. One of a kind!

    We departed much too abruptly. I don’t wanna be reading about a certain voyage having taken place without at least having heard about it from you first! I’d love to have you on Facebook or something.

    Take care,

    Ps. Yes, I’m a convicted stalker, beware!

  2. We are 2 families planning a trip in Last week of April. We are very very keen on hiking, just because its the best way to soak up the place. We will 3 kids, youngest will be 8year old. Can you please advise on which would be a best place to do hiking and how to plan our itinerary such that we can maximise the effect of AP on us 🙂 We will have total of 10 days (including travel from BLR).
    What is worrisome is that best time to hike is apparently from Oct to Feb. Is this true?
    We are thinking of this itinerary:
    Guwhati – Tezpur – Dirang – Tawang – Bomdila – Itanagar – Ziro
    Is this too ambitious? Please advise.

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