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Konyak Naga Tribal Man with Headhunting Tattoo

The Headhunters of India | Short Film in collaboration with Ethereal

Ayush Dinker, the guy behind the YouTube channel Ethereal describes his work as a combination of fact-finding, storytelling and trying to get at larger questions about human condition. His work involves films and video content, pertaining to reality, culture, society, history, nature, travel and science and presenting them before you the world in a whole new way. His must-watch short film Meghalaya Alive! is a pure work of genius and has had more than a million views in YouTube.

Last year, we collaborated with Ayush for a special short-film to document the headhunters of India, those mysterious old folks of the Konyak Tribe who reside in the very remote reaches of the Patkai Hills in Nagaland, India. We provided Ayush with the logistics and support needed to visit the land of the Konyaks, while also helping him establish important connections with the headhunters and other tribespeople.

We are glad to announce that Ethereal has finally published this short-film on his channel. The film follows Ayush’s journey as he gets to meet the Konyak headhunters, the lessons this encounter brings forth and possibly some answers on the meaning of life and death.


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